jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Resolving those Ax errors are so much easier... When they're in English.

As a native English speaker working in mainland Spain I find myself presented with a few Ax error messages that causes some head scratching and initiate a search on the web.

...Which produces nothing. No results whatsoever in Bing, Google nor from texting the Uruguayan guru in the other office.

The best way to resolve the error is to get the direct translation from your native environment language and find the equivalent in the EN_US spiel of Microsoft. Go to your Ax program directory, mine is 'C:\Archivos de programa\Microsoft Dynamics AX\' and then from there navegate to the '50\Client\Bin\' directory. I'm working in Spanish, so I'll open the 'AxSysES.ktd' in notepad and physically search for the exact phrase in there, noting down the line number. Finally it's a case of opening 'AxSysEN-US.ktd' and jumping to the equivalent line number. THIS phrase will be the one most likely to give you results from searching the web.

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